Welcome Back

A friend finally said it plainly the other night.

“You were lost there for a while, but we’re glad to have you back.”

Nobody had said it plainly before.

A lot of people turned a blind eye to uncharacteristic antics, for a while; some even cheered them on.  Got to a point where they weren’t uncharacteristic anymore.  Got to a point where there were entire circles of those I thought to be my friends who equated them to my very character, entirely.

Got to a point where it hurt.

Dad always said, “when staying the same begins to hurt, then you’ll begin to change.”  The old man was right, you know.

I hope they’ll understand, one day, why I had to leave without looking back.  It hurt too much to stay.  To stay the same.


One thought on “Welcome Back

  1. Very strong entry.

    And I like how, earlier, in “A Few Words About Women,” you describe abortion as an issue of private internal struggle, devoid of politics.

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