A Few Words About Women

I’m a feminist.  That does not mean that I have liberal political views.  It does not mean that I am an activist.  It does not mean that I hate men.  It simply means that I consider it my duty to clear up common misconceptions regarding the female genre.  Among them:

1. Rape is the not the fault of the victim – not ever.  It is a horrific crime and nothing less.

2. Birth control (“the pill,” among other options) is medicine, prescribed by a doctor, and it is expensive.  It does not encourage promiscuity, nor does a lack of its availability discourage premarital sex.  The lack of accessibility to birth control means more unwanted pregnancies, which means more abortions, higher health risks, and more children in foster care.

3. Abortion is not an easy decision.  If a woman chooses it, please allow her to wrestle with her own demons; please do not become one of them.

Feel free to discuss.

– L


One thought on “A Few Words About Women

  1. I completely agree, Lyd! Post some more on here! Your thoughts are intriguing. Love, Gabs from camp

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